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In the modern world, education is regarded as a must to all to maintain the status and standard of a happy man. The fast changing trends in education, has made it reachable to everybody. As a result, the new popular form of learning that came in existence is the Distance Education or Distance Learning. Its the process of learning where both the teacher and students are not physically present in a class room setting.

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The exchange of knowledge from the teacher to student is completely dependent on technology. Instead of attending courses personally, teachers and students communicate at times of their convenience, exchange printed or electronic material through any suitable technology.

The Internet, e-mail, video conferencing, and other interactive systems allow schools also to experiment with unique modes of teaching and learning, use resources that do not reside on their own campuses, and attract faculty and students who are far from campus or cannot travel to campus very often.

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Distance education is covering the whole field of education from academic to technical fields. The key to effective distance education is focusing on the needs of the learners, the requirements of the content and the constraints faced by the teacher, before selecting a delivery system.

It has become a good learning option for students as it allows them to have a personal rhythm of study without missing the teacher’s or lecturer’s support and flexibility.

The teachers or lecturers post different materials and assignments with due dates that the students can follow according to the personal rhythm of their course because of its flexibility. Firstly, at anytime students can clarify about their doubts through e-mail or chat with their teachers or other co-students at any time. Second, like a regular class the student receives a formal evaluation reports. These evaluations can be from assignments, quizzes, tests, participation or a regular evaluation of a conventional class. Also, students can have an updated track of the class.

The advantages of Distance Learning:

  • Distance Learning students get to experience learning through new technologies, methods and gain knowledge and practical experience.
  •  The modest amount of time and commitment it needs make Distance Education programs planning easy.
  • Distance education helps the students of various origins to interact with each other.
  • The faculty in different locations can schedule the class work according to their personal and professional availability.
  • It does not involve travel and thus saves the time that was to be spent on going and driving back.
  • Distance learning programs that are present have both personal as well as geographic flexibility.

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